Taiwan Tea -MingHsinFang Tea Leaves
  • Taiwan Good Tea‧“High-density Baking Method”
    MingHsinFang has a breakthrough in traditional baking techniques and holds on to the principle not adding other tea leaves. The owner developed a “High-density Baking Method” to make tea according to its characteristics, fermentation, temperature and timing. Via the processes of stretch, expansion and decomposition principles to achieve sterilization, exclusion of excess moisture and impurity, then refined into baking process. Even foreigners are lured by the invigorating scent of tea. The tea itself has a slightly sweet nectar fragrance and crystal clear tea water.
  • Taiwan Kaoshan Oolong

    MingHsinFang choose hand-picked spring and winter supreme oolong tea carefully using high-density baking method so that tea leaves can store for over two years. Whether making cold, hot, strong or light tea, it tastes as sweet as it always will be.
  • Chinese caligraphy on package as gifts

    The name of tea on all packages in MingHsinFang are written by the owner with Chinese calligraphy. They even can write the congratulation words for customer to their friends as gifts, it’s quite meaningful.
  • YunNan Pu-erh Tea

    There are 2 kinds of Pu-erh Tea, which are fermented and unfermented tea. Unfermented in the shop all has been stored more than 15 years by exclusion of impurity, stuffy gas so that the tea is known as good quality of “no musty taste and no stuffy gas”
  • Exclusive Development

    The owner – Mr. Lin constantly develop new products. Not only designing the package by himself, but also wooden cans made by the master craftsman. They also produced reunion tea and in 2013 reunion tea and more elements of the tea bag which cartons are made with Taiwan ebony.
  • The Couple’s Concentric Operation

    The owner and his wife have run the business with a down-to-earth and professional attitude to meet every customer.
  • Near MRT station‧Convenient transportation Chicken

    MingHsinFang is near Da-an station exit 4, which is the place highly recommended by many foreigner to buy tea.
  • MingHsinFang’s Tea Leaves

                       ~A traditional breakthrough high-density tea baking~

    【Opening Hours】11:00 AM ~ 09:00 PM

    ◎Selected Alpine Oolong Tea Series(600g/300g/150g)(m.a.s.l over1000M)
     ‧Kaoshan Oolong Tea
     ‧Alishan Kaoshan Oolong Tea
     ‧Mingping Oolong 
     ‧Mingshin Oolong 
     ‧Mingshin Imperial Tea(Rich) 
     ‧ingshin Imperial Tea(Superior)
    ◎Lugu Dongting Oolong Tea
     ‧Songhu Oolong Tea 
     ‧Dongting Oolong Tea
    ◎Baihao Oolong Tea(Dong Fang Mei Ren tea)
     ‧Mingshin Mei Ren 75g
     ‧Supreme Baihao Oolong 75g
     ‧Premium Baihao Oolong 75g
    ◎Yunan Pu-erh Tea
     ‧Pu-erh Teabag  25g*30
     ‧Pu-erh Tea Cube(90’s) 
     ‧Pu-erh Tea Cube(70’s) 
     ‧Pu-erh Piece Tea(90’s) 
     ‧Golden Bud Pu-erh Piece Tea(90’s) 
     ‧Bud-heart Pu-erh Piece Tea(70’s) 
     ‧8582 Chizi Round Biscuit (90’s)depend on the market price
     ‧Zhongcha Round Biscuit(80’s)depend on the market price 
    ◎Special Tea
     ‧Wild camellia
     ‧Da Ye Fo Shou
     ‧Dian Gong 150g
     ‧Da Gong Pao          
    ◎Aged Tea
     ‧Aged Tea
     ‧Wild camellia
     ‧Tie Luo Han
    ◎3D Tea Bag
     ‧Mingshin Oolong 
     ‧Tie Guan Yin
    ◎Tea Bag
     ‧Kaoshan Oolong 
     ‧Aged Tea
    ◎Tea Bath Bag

    【Remittance Information】
     Hua Nan Commercial Bank (Hsinwei Branch)
     Account: 149-20-074479-8
     Name: Lin Kui-Song

    Address: No.1-17, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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    Japanese version
  • 營業電話:02-27008676,0919-105828
    營業地址:台北市大安區No.1-17, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd.